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10 Upcoming Science Anniversaries to Look Forward to in 2019

The science community has had a rough 2018, as they have to face major issues such as climate change and how to combat it while, in the meantime, their funding keeps getting cut by governments in order to redirect the money to other fields. Thankfully, 2019 may bring some days of celebration for the people in the science field, since there are many anniversaries to look forward to. Some of these are more contemporary, while others concern century old events and people, but one thing is for sure – these events have left a long-lasting mark that will be remembered for many centuries to come:

  • 500 years since the death of Leonardo Da Vinci
  • 500 years since Ferdinand Magellan’s trip around the globe.
  • 250th birthday of Alexander von Humboldt, a legendary geologist and botanist.
  • 400th anniversary of Johannes Keppler’s 3rd law of planetary motion that is used to calculate the relationship between the time a planet takes to complete one orbit around the Sun, and its distance from the Sun.
  • 150 years since Dmitrii Mendeleev crafted the initial version of the periodic table.
  • 100 years since Arthur Eddington confirmed Einstein’s theory of relativity.
  • 200 years since the release of Thomas Young’s paper on the mathematics behind calculating the error probability in scientific measurements.
  • 50 years since the Apollo 11 Moon landing.
  • 750 years since the first recorded theory regarding magnetism, crafted by Petrus Peregrinus.
  • 500th birthday of Andrea Cesalpino, an infamous botanist at the University of Pisa.

Even if you are not into science-related news, this short list of 10 anniversaries may inspire you to research these people and events, and enrich your knowledge.

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