Quick News Technology 19 UK Cities to be Covered by Vodafone’s 5G Network by the end of 2019

19 UK Cities to be Covered by Vodafone’s 5G Network by the end of 2019

After becoming the first carrier in the UK to offer access to 5G to its customers, Vodafone now strives to provide the broadest coverage as well – they plan on doing so by expanding their coverage to 19 cities by the end of this year.

The 5G technology is one of the most significant innovations seen in the mobile network field recently – it is supposed to bring users much more stable and reliable connection, as well as up to ten times better speeds than what current networks offer. Just like many other innovative technologies, 5G will need some time to become available worldwide – the technology was first unveiled and publicly tested in the first months of 2018, but we are yet to see widespread usage and coverage.

Currently, Vodafone’s 5G network is available in Salford, Greater Manchester, but their plans involve the cities of Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Glasgow, and others. Although the initial project of the carrier included just seven cities, it appears they have decided to step up their game to beat their top competitor, EE.

The 5G technology is likely to take over the market entirely in 2020 when all networks will be updated to the current standard. In addition to the coverage limitations, there is also a lack of devices with support of the 5G network, but this is likely to change in the upcoming months.

Source: https://www.cnet.com/news/vodafone-to-launch-5g-in-19-uk-cities-in-2019/