Google Chat Features – What to Expect?

New Google Chat is here and it’s all about the exciting features we are getting with it….

Google has been experimenting with various chat applications for almost a decade now – first, we were introduced to Google Talk, then it was replaced by Google Hangouts, and the latest addition to their chat app portfolio was the Allo service. It would appear that their next chat product is in development, and it is expected to be called ‘Google Chat.’

What is more interesting is that many are touting Google Chat as Android’s version of Apple’s infamous iMessage application. Of course, Google Chat will be compatible with much more devices compared to Apple’s product.

As for the futures, we can expect to see a broad range of innovations being introduced in Google Chat – screenshots show that we would have the ability to quickly send funds to our contacts thanks to the seamless implementation of Google Wallet in the Chat service. Users will also get access to an organizer, a rich library of emotes and stickers to use, and of course the ability to send messages over both Wi-Fi and cellular data. 

Just like any other mobile chat client, Google Chat will also support the ability to send videos and images – judging by the quality of the samples found online, Google has managed to implement a very efficient compression algorithm that barely reduces the quality of media content while keeping its size as low as possible.

It is expected that the new Google Chat service will roll out in France and the United Kingdom in July, and it is likely to become available worldwide in a few months if everything goes smoothly. 

If you want to know the features of new google chat in detail, just visit the link below and get all info at one place.