Live Text Translation Coming to Google Lens

Google has once more introduced an innovative App for its users. The image recognition app, Google Lens, has been upgraded with a new feature called Live Text Translation. With this feature, users will be able to translate text from almost 100 languages in real time. This is considered as one of the best useful features Google has introduced.

The feature is part of Google Lens, so it will be used via said App. The user has to focus the camera on the words needed to be translated and the required text will appear on the focused image in the selected language. As expected, the feature is user-friendly and will be very useful for translating and reading texts in other languages. This feature will surely be really popular with the tourists visiting other countries.

Google has already incorporated the feature in all ARCore-compatible Android and iOS devices. The App can be found in Google Assistant and Google Photos on these devices.  

Along with Live Text Translation, Google has introduced a Menu Tool within Google Lens, which helps the users to decide upon their menu. The App is further powered with a more improved search engine.

With these new features, Google is making its way up towards being the best service provider in the technology business.