Quick News Technology Will ‘Hongmeng’ be the Next Huawei OS

Will ‘Hongmeng’ be the Next Huawei OS

Huawei, one of the biggest multinational technology companies, has been facing Android ban. And if the said ban gets permanent, Huawei will launch its own OS. These are the news that has been circulating the media. However, it has not yet been confirmed by the company itself.

There are many sources of such news, however, most reliable are the TechRepublic’s reports regarding Huawei’s manufacturing of its own OS. Whereas, CNET is of the opinion that Huawei’s OS will only be launched if Android ban gets permanent.

Another report states that Huawei is facing issues regarding the manufacture of a new Operating System and is in no position to launch this product in near future.

Whether Huawei launches the OS or not is still in debate and people are wondering what will happen after the permanent Android ban. Though, Google has eased the ban conditions with the extension of three-month general license, instructing Huawei to update its existing products. However, no further plans of ban lifting are reported, but it is the opposite, as the US government added Huawei to the blacklist that further bans its networking gear.

Despite all these news, Huawei has announced that its new product, Honor pro 20, will be installed with Android. This might also support the news that Huawei might not be able to launch a ‘stable’ OS.

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