Militants in Afghanistan were Allegedly Offered Bounty Rewards from Russia for Killing US Soldiers

Tensions between Russia and the United States grow once again because of a recent New York Times story, which reports that Russia was providing Taliban-linked militants with bounties and rewards for killing US military personnel. The New York Times was the first major media to break the story, and they were quickly followed by the Washington Times and other major news outlets – according to the New York Times editor team, the story was provided and confirmed by unnamed officials familiar with the matter.

Furthermore, reports from reputable sources state that President Trump has already been briefed on the topic, but they have not opted to escalate the situation and choose an appropriate response such as introducing economic sanctions or reprimanding Russia’s behavior. It is not clear how ‘trustworthy’ these sources are since the President has released a public tweet stating that neither he nor Vice President Pence have received an official briefing regarding the attacks on US troops.

It is important to add that there it is yet to be officially confirmed that any bounties were successfully paid out the Taliban militants. However, the White House’s decision to stay silent after the revelations has once again given the Democratic Party a reason to criticize President Trump’s close relationship with Russia, and his recent attempts to introduce Russia back into the G7.