Quick News Science NASA Meteor Hit Australia like Nuclear Bomb

NASA Meteor Hit Australia like Nuclear Bomb

A meteor has been sighted over the south coast of Australia recently. It appeared as a ball of fire that lit up the skies during the night of 21st May. The report has been confirmed by NASA’s centre, CNEOS, stating that a hypersonic meteor has entered the Earth’s atmosphere over the Australian coast on Tuesday night; however, no damage was done.

NASA further briefed on the incident that the meteor, about the size of a small car, entered with the speed of 11.5km/sec with the force of 1.6 kilotons (1600 tons of TNT). It broke up in mid-air and crashed in the Great Australian Bight bay, 300km from Mount Gambier. The space rock was burned too quickly as it entered the atmosphere and exploded way up in the sky to cause any sort of damage. As per experts, this might have caused due to the hypersonic velocities with which the meteor has entered the atmosphere. Professor Phil Bland of Curtin University of Australia told that the meteor exploded at an altitude of 31.5 km.

The meteors are not always this merciful and do cause much damage while going down. During the meteor fall over Chelyabinsk Oblast in Russia, 1000 people were injured as the explosion caused the windows to blow up. People of South Australia were really lucky as they have only experienced the ‘light show’ probably with a loud sound and a rain of small rocks that might not have hit the ground entirely.

The eye-witnesses have seemed to enjoy the view as the meteor turned into a fireball. The videos and photos, shared by the witnesses, show a mass of light growing in intensity as it made its way towards the Bight bay.

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