Quick News Health New Cases of COVID-19 in the US Reach Record Heights

New Cases of COVID-19 in the US Reach Record Heights

Although many states in the US are planning to reopen after the severe anti-pandemic measures imposed a few weeks ago, it seems that the Coronavirus pandemic is far from over. In fact, the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has reported new and concerning data regarding the infection rate in the United States – America has reached over 40,000 new infections on Thursday. This information comes at the same time when Arizona, Florida, and Texas were planning to loosen up the safety measures.

It is important to add that this data may be owed to the fact that the number of people tasted daily is also at an all-time high – the previous record for most confirmed cases in one day dates back to April 24 when Johns Hopkins University reported approximately 36,400 new cases.

The United States continues to be the region suffering the most from the COVID-10 pandemic – the country has a total of 2.4 million confirmed infections, and over 120,000 COVID-related deaths. 

The United States government has allowed states to apply to self-govern themselves through the pandemic – the governor of each state is responsible for determining the lockdown and anti-pandemic measures that need to be taken.