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How Nutrients Affect the Gut Microbiomes

The nutrition labels on the food help us to plan our routine diet. This is what we thought when we buy food. But a recent discovery has made this general belief go beyond the simple comprehensive labels.

A recent report published by researchers in the journal Cell Host & Microbe reveals that the food items on same nutrient chart can have different effects on our gut microbiomes from day to day or person to person. The nutrient charts or labels are made for the convenience of our understanding; however, what it does to our gut microbes is something that cannot be easily categorized.

The researchers investigated the data extensively and observed how the behaviour of the people’s microbiomes changed from day to day with respect to the food they eat daily. Senior author Dan Knights, of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Biotechnology Institute of Minnesota University, explained that the objective of the research was to classify a pattern of effect of different food items and their nutritional content on the microbiomes. But the result showed that the foods which are related to each other have more similar result than those having same nutrient content. It also showed that even same diet have different effects.

With this the researchers concluded that in order to layout a definitive design for the improvement of human conditions related to microbiome with healthy diet plans is not as easy as it seems. More research is required in order to understand the effect of food nutrients on the microbiome.

SOURCE: https://phys.org/news/2019-06-gut-microbes-differently-foods-similar.html