The Official Image of Google’s Pixel 4

The image of Google’s new smartphone, Pixel 4, has been shared with the public by Pixel team. The official image came with a tweet from Made by Google, claiming that the new device is different from the previous versions.    

The product that is supposed to be launched around October this year has been kept off the media for the display. However, with the ‘spoilers’ of the device being published recently, the team took up the stage by revealing the first look of its smartphone.

The image shows a black sleek device with a camera bump on the back. It has 4 dots on it; 3 of them can be the rear cameras or 2 cameras with third being the sensor. The fourth tiny dot can be the microphone. The image also shows the power button and the Google’s logo G.

For now this is only what the company has decided to show. In past the information regarding the previous devices was leaked widely, therefore, this time the company is trying everything to prevent the recurrence.