WhatsApp Status Ads Starting in 2020

Facebook has finally announced the launch date for the implementation of WhatsApp Status Ads service. The company announced this at the annual Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The service that was to be launched this year will start in 2020.

The status ads will be similar to the ad service introduced by Instagram in its stories/status. The presentation slide at the summit also revealed that the ads appearing in the status section would cover the entire screen. Further as explained, the ads will appear when status is viewed; so, hopefully it might not appear in the message section.         

Though ads appearing in apps are somewhat ‘annoying’ but in this case it will not raise much protest by the users. If it is compared to the fee charged for message service, people will accept the ads instead of paying for the WhatsApp messages.

This general reaction can be predicted easily as there have been reports of certain proposals regarding the introduction of fee for message service. Bryan Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp, has also revealed his suggestion of paid-service in one of the interviews. However, the idea was rejected and Ad integration was laid forward.

Nothing can be said more about the users’ reaction until the service is launched or if there is any further news from the company regarding this matter.   

SOURCE: https://www.androidauthority.com/whatsapp-status-ads-2020-990137/