Quick News Sports World Cup 2019 Predictions – What We Can Expect?

World Cup 2019 Predictions – What We Can Expect?

Cricket fans are really excited this year as the main event of the sport, World Cup, is about to begin. The 12th ICC Cricket World Cup is going to be held in England and Wales, from May 30, 2019 to July 14, 2019.

The event is all spiced up with gossips, rumours and news all over the sports world that who will win the cup, which team will lose and what will be the upsets of this year. All the cricket world’s gurus are busy these days making their predictions for the upcoming event.

In general, it is believed that England has the full advantage having to host the event and also of being in top rankings. Most of the top gurus are also of the view that this year belongs to the host team. However, Australia with its previous record is also on the list. South Africa, New Zealand, India and Pakistan, being in the top 6 can be the candidate as well. West Indies and Sri Lanka have hopes but they need more of the lady luck’s hand this year.

Other than the winning team, the bets are also on losers, best players, worst team, major upsets and of course, the world records. What more ‘prophecies’ are predicted about the event can be read here:

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